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Pressure Seal

Due to the increased use in laser and inkjet printers the demand for A4 sheet products has dramatically increased. We provide a range of products that are designed to get the most out of an A4 sheet thereby making it work harder for you.

Pressure Seal provides a one piece mailing solution currently being used by thousands of organisations. It is favoured by those within the Payroll and Financial sectors as an effective way of communicating a 100% secure message in a time and cost effective manner.

After laser personalisation the pressure seal document is passed through a pressure seal machine which folds and seals the document under pressure giving a tamper proof seal. Pressure seal does away with need for envelopes resulting in environmental benefits and cost savings.

The postage impression 1st or 2nd class can be laser printed as part of the personalisation process. This has the benefit of added flexibility as it negates the need to hold stocks of 1st and 2nd class envelopes.

Mailing applications include:

  • Payroll
  • Appointment reminders
  • Membership mailings
  • P60s
  • Council tax reminders
  • Direct mail
  • Marketing surveys
  • Financial billing


V fold
Because they can be simplex lasered, the Z-fold configuration is by far the most common. There are two standards; UK & European. The only difference being that the European form has a 4" central panel where the UK version has three equal panels of 99mm.
Z fold offset
Off Set Z-Fold
This is similar to the Z-fold however the top section of the form is deeper than the others.
C Fold
Also very popular but must be duplex lasered. Has the advantage over the Z-fold in providing almost a full sheet for laser personalisation.
V Fold
With only one fold this is the simplest of the configurations and also the fastest to process. As with the C-fold it must be duplex lasered in its basic format.
Off set V Fold
Off Set V-Fold
This is similar to the V-fold however the position of the fold is not centre to the page therefore making one section larger than the other.

Pressure Seal


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