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Business mail printed and posted at the click of a button

Econopost is a solution to postal and printing requirements faced by companies of all sizes. It takes a document you would normally send to your local or network shared printer, and securely sends it to a centralised print environment for print and distribution.

Desktop correspondence, generated in familiar applications such as Microsoft Word, is consolidated and produced in an optimised print production environment. This approach has many advantages over the traditional method of producing these documents within the office.

One of the key reasons for first considering Econopost is the potential for significant cost savings. However there are many benefits that Econopost can offer to your business, and cost savings alone may not be the sole factor on which you decide.

Cost Savings

Typical desktop document production costs are between £0.70 & £1.20 per letter. These costs are made up of multiple elements, but often include the following:

  • Staff time
  • Local printer consumables
  • IT support
  • Stationery
  • Postage costs
  • Post room running and staffing costs

Organisational Benefits

Adopting Econopost has many benefits beyond direct cost savings. These often initially intangible benefits can help to give you the leading edge in your core business activities.

  • Management information
  • Brand integrity
  • Legacy applications

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